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MBA – PM0013 : Write a note on human resource planning.

Posted on: March 2, 2012

MBA – PM0013 :   Write a note on human resource planning.

Answer:-A Project is a planned undertaking that requires a set of human tasks and activities toward achieving a specific objective within a defined time period.

Projects are temporary, though they may last from few hours to many years; a team project involves a group of people with complementary skills and experiences, working together to accomplish the goals and objectives of the project. The purpose of the team is to develop and execute a work plan that will meet the expectations of the project. Everyone on the team is committed and deducted tithe same thing meeting the goals of the project. Although the goals may be same, how the team elects to execute the work plan is variable. Different team runs the same project differently. This Variation is attributable to differences in people, process and interactions. The interactions of a team are dependent on the collective knowledge, skills, experiences, personalities, and behaviors of the group. Each person has personal preferences regarding howto run the project and how to work within the project,

People have different work and communication styles, and these personal preferences and differences represent the diversity of the team. All team members want the same thing (to achieve the project goals), but each goes after it differently due to their diversity. This can generate both positive and negative interactions. How well we mange human interactions are the key to the success of any project. This is been grouped into six general areas. ·

Problem solving· Decision making· Conflict resolution· Consensus building· Brainstorming· Team meetings Human Resource planning is an organized way to ensure that organizations employ the right people. Human Resource planning is the staffing management plan which illustrates how and when the team members are added/removed from the team. Human Resource planning is utilized to decide and recognize. Human Resources with the necessary skills are essential forthe success of a project. Human Resource planning must think and plan for these factors and widen Human Resource options.

The inputs for creating a Human Resource (HR) plan are :

Enterprise environmental factors:

The enterprise environmental factors comprises of individuals of an organization interacting and relating with one another. The enterpriseenvironmental factors that play a major role includes are existing organizational culture,knowing how different technical disciplines work, existing Human Resources and policies andprocedures, interpersonal, logical and political issues with respect to Human Resources.

Organizational culture 

Organizational culture is an idea in the field of organizational studiesand management which describes the psychology, attitudes, experiences, beliefs and values(personal and cultural values) of an organization. It is defined as “the specific collection of values and norms that are shared by people and groups in an organization and that controls the way they interact with each other and with stakeholders outside the organization.

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