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PM0011 : Describe the basic elements of a project plan.

Posted on: March 1, 2012

PM0011  : Describe the basic elements of a project plan.

Answer :- . The basic elements of the project plan are:

· Project Requirements: The project plan lists the basic requirements of the project and the objective of undertaking the project.

· General Approach: In this section the both the managerial and technical approach for the project is listed. It describes the project guidelines. This part of the plan describes the various approaches which need to be followed all through the project. These approaches may include the design document, the instructional designing approach etc.

· List of stakeholders: stakeholders can impact a project both positively or negatively. Thus it is very important to identify all the project stakeholders at the starting of the project. Project plan should contain the list of stakeholders and their relation to the project and the mode of communication to be followed for managing the same.

· Contractual aspects: This important section describes the reporting requirements, customer related information, list of resources supplied by client, liaison agreements, project review and abortion process, list of deliverables and project specifications, schedules.

· Resources: This section lists the resources required for the project, their availability, their cost.

· Risk: The risk management plan of the project plan talks about the various risks identified in the project. The alternative choices, mitigation and contingency plans. Steps to monitor and control the risks.

· Communication: The communication management plan talks about the communication methodology

· Quality: Every project should be evaluated against standards and by methods established at the project inception. This section describes these quality standards.

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