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PM0010 : Describe the role of project managers in Human resource management and communication management.

Posted on: February 23, 2012

PM0010 : Describe the role of project managers in Human resource management and communication management.

Answer:- Role of project manager in HR and communications management :- A project manager is responsible for managing various tasks, activities and processes to ensure that the project is delivered in the defined time. He is responsible for defining the goals and objectives of the project and ensures that the resources that are required for the smooth working of the project are available. He also monitors and controls the project process to keep track of the status of the work. This ensures that the progress, schedule, procedures and the cost of the project are well monitored. Apart from monitoring and controlling the implementation and execution of the project, a project manager also plays a vital role in Human Resources and communications management such as:

· Assists in effective communications among the team members,

· Consistency in methodology,

· Consistency in process, documentation, procedure,

· Meet deadlines and commitments

· Facilitate formal metrics and reporting to upper management/project sponsors.

· Entrusted with the authority and accountability necessary to get the job done.

· Able to cope with conflicting scope, quality, schedule, risk, and other requirements.

· Single point of integration to meet customer’s needs.

· Held accountable for project failure.

· Maintain control over the project by measuring performance and correcting as necessary.

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Hii… Nikhat

Your answer help me alot and … your regular updates of your post…Your update solution for IT also very helpful for us..
I would be very thankful to you if you could post MBA-3(Finance) assignments solution.. I’ll be wait for your best answers …Thanks once again..for ur kind cooperation

Hi Gurpreet,

I wish I cud help u in MBA-3(Finance) assignments , but I m MBA-3(Project Management) student.Dont hv answers of other specializations.

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