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New Features in SQL Server 2008

Posted on: November 3, 2011

1. Date and Time Data in SQL Server 2008 (ADO.NET)

SQL Server 2008 introduces the following date and time data types.

  • date
  • time
  • datetime2
  • datetimeoffset

These new data types support a greater range of date and time values as well as time zone awareness. 

2. FILESTREAM Data in SQL Server 2008 (ADO.NET)

SQL Server 2008 introduces the FILESTREAM storage attribute for binary data stored in a varbinary(max) column. This allows you to store the data on the local NTFS file system instead of in the database file. 

3. Table-Valued Parameters in SQL Server 2008 (ADO.NET)

Table-valued parameters are a new parameter type in SQL Server 2008 that gives you the ability to encapsulate rows of data in a client application and send it to the server in a single parameterized command. The incoming data rows are stored in a table variable that can then be operated on by using Transact-SQL. 

4. Large UDTs in SQL Server 2008 (ADO.NET)

In SQL Server 2005, UDTs were restricted to a maximum size of 8 kilobytes. This restriction has been removed for UDTs that have a format of UserDefined. 

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