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MB0049 : Describe in brief the various aspects of programme management?

Posted on: October 21, 2011

MB0049 : Describe in brief the various aspects of programme management?
Answer : When we consider the portfolio of projects as a programme, there are many aspects of the management that we need to consider closely. The main considerations will be on resources, risks, quality of the projects at every stage of the execution in terms of meeting the expectations of the client as per the contract and monitoring the change processes that get enmeshed during implementation.

Let us look at each specific in detail

a) Risk Management: Evaluating and mitigating the risks associated with the programme is very important. This may have impact on the planned changes to the business operations.

b) Process: Process governing the delivery of the project should be well defined. They should ensure that the quality and purposes are fully met.

c) Change Management: We saw in earlier chapters that change is a part of any project and hence a programme as well. This deals with keeping a track of the changes and developments external to the project environment and studying their impact on the programme.

d) Personnel Management: Human resource is one of the most important resources in programme management. We need to ensure that people are adequately trained and placed at the right place. This is essential to ensure on schedule and smooth delivery of the projects.

e) Support Services: We need to ensure that the support services like human resources and IT are able to adapt to the changes that take place in the projects as well as business operations as a whole.


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