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MB0047 : a. Compare between E-enterprise and conventional organizational design b. List the different business models with example

Posted on: October 19, 2011

MB0047 : a. Compare between E-enterprise and conventional organizational design
b. List the different business models with example

Comparison between Conventional Design and E-Organization

Conventional Organization Design


Top heavy organization structure Flat organization structure
Work & work place location at one place Separation of work from work place location
Manual & document-based work flows Paperless work flows
High administrative & management overheads Low overheads
Inflexible, rigid and longer business process cycles Flexible agile and responsive process cycles
Private business process systems for self use. They are barred for usage to customers, vendors and business partners Public business processes and systems for use by customers, vendors and business partners
Low usage of technology Use internet, wireless and network technologies

Business Model

Business Model



Virtual Store

Provides information about product, and sells and delivers directly to customer or business organization. amazon.com, rediff.com, ebay.com.

Information Store

Provides information of interest and earns revenue from sharing and advertising. yahoo.com, msn.com rediff.com, satyaminfoway.com

Transaction Process

Processes bills for payment, telephone, electricity, money transfer & banking transactions, membership for club registration. icici.com billjunction.com seekandsource.com

Online Marketing

Provides a marketing platform where buyers and sellers can meet to exchange information, negotiate and place order for delivery. Examples are shoes, commodities. eauction.com seekandsource.com

Content Selling

News, music, photos, articles, pictures, greetings are stored and sold at a price. timesofindia.com gartner.com aberdeen.com

Online Service

Offers services to individuals and business at large and generates revenue. Examples: Tours and travels, manpower recruiting and maintenance services. Railway, restaurant, airlines booking. Online maintenance service. Online examination.

Virtual Communities

Provides platform to meet people of common interests. Software user groups, professional groups like doctors, managers, user groups. Linux Group New Groups Application Package User Groups Community Groups


Provides contents. E-books, CDs, lessons, conducts test and offers certification. sifyelearning.com

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