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MB0044 Q2 : What is a Business Process Model? Explain why a business process needs to be modelled.

Posted on: October 18, 2011

MA0044 Q2 : What is a Business Process Model? Explain why a business process needs to be modelled.

Answer : Business Process is a total response that a business undertakes utilising the resources and delivering the outputs that create a value for the customer.

The business process:

  • Has a goal
  • Uses specific inputs
  • Delivers specific outputs
  • Collects resources
  • Performs a number of activities in some order
  • Creates value for the customer

Business Process Modelling refers to a set of activities undertaken to optimise the business process.

The reasons for optimising the business process is to:

  • Improve the performance of the process
  • Deliver better value for the customer
  • Maximise the earnings of the organisation
  • Keep its head above competition from outsiders

Reasons for optimising the business process

The business system contains a combination of people and the applications organised to meet the business objectives. The applications are automated timely and efficiently to enable information and reporting system to be accurate. To meet the business objectives:

  • Designers and programmers: The designers and programmers of the modelling process, together:
    • Put together the data and processes to provide optimum benefits
    • Put in place the architecture which is capable of addressing these needs
  • Architecture: The architecture should be flexible to adapt new methods, processes, and business plans.

All the elements of the business process have to be structured and controlled for the purpose of analysis, evaluation, modification, implementation, and correction. Some of the elements are activities, parts, products, data, people, processes, software tools, delivery systems, and performance measurement.

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