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MB0049 : What are the various SCMo soft wares available in project management? Explain each in brief.

Posted on: October 11, 2011

MB0049 : What are the various SCMo soft wares available in project management? Explain each in brief.
Answer: – Supply Chain Monitoring (SCMo)

It is possible today to establish a monitoring system aligned with an organisation’s supply chain. Supply Chain Monitoring (SCMo) can be an add-on to existing ERP systems. SCMo makes it more efficient to master difficult to manage supply networks.

Supply Chain Monitoring (SCMo) is an important building block for build-to-order and short time to delivery goals. SCMo makes it more efficient to master difficult to manage supply networks because it allows:

a)      Smooth and secure supply with minimal safety inventories

b)      Increased speed and flexibility of supply networks

c)      Reduction of non value adding cost (trouble shooting, administrative effort to Manage and control material flow, etc.)

d)     Reduction of premium freight

e)      Avoidance of scrap due to obsolescence (e.g. in case of engineering changes, end of production)

f)       Best practice approach from experts of the automotive industry

g)      Clear roadmap for software providers, marketplaces and deciders in the Automotive industry

The intent of SCMo is to define the structure of the Documentation System, its content, the method of content generation and to attain common documentation of all standard processes of ODETTE.

The documentation is valid for the SCM group of ODETTE. The Documentation System is intranet based to provide immediate access to current, up-to-date process documentation.

The system allows users to navigate through graphical structures to relevant documentation and processes which were created with the ARIS-Toolset. There are various advantages of using such a documentation system.

Supply chain monitoring can be divided in below levels

Level 0: Work Package: Level 0 shows the work packages, which represent the different part projects. At present only the SCMo-processes are described in this documentation.

Level 1: Process: On Level 1, the processes that belong to the work package on Level 0 are listed. They are not yet the specific processes, but rather self-contained process blocks. They represent a higher picture.

Level 2: Sub-Process: In Level 2, the processes are graphically depicted in the form of process chains. The process chain-model itself can be opened via the assignment.

Various SCMo softwares available in project management are

a) Standard / Best Practices: Documentation system stores and presents standards and best processes to be adhered to across the industry. This also helps the organization to secure their correct applications.

b) Central Repository: It also offers a central location of all processes and system related information. This includes customizing documentation to working guidelines.

c) Adaptation: Adaptation is another unique objective achieved through documentation system. They allow flexible and quick adaptation in case of process changes or enhancement and provide the updated information immediately.

d) Reference: It also provides easy and quick reference to the documents. They present the standard processes in the intranet, where users can look up the current processes whenever necessary.

e) Availability: Process documentation system is available at every working location.


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