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MB0047 : a. What are the characteristics of MIS? b. what is the impact of MIS on Managerial performance.

Posted on: September 28, 2011

MB0047 : a. What are the characteristics of MIS?
b. what is the impact of MIS on Managerial performance.

Answer: – MIS characteristics

  1. It supports transaction handling and record keeping.
  2. It is also called as integrated database Management System which supports in major functional areas.
  3. It provides operational, tactical, and strategic level managers with east access to timely but, for the most, structured information.
  4. It supports decision –making function which is a vital role of MIS.
  5. It is flexible which is needed to adapt to the changing needs of the organization.
  6. It promotes security system by providing only access to authorized users.
  7. MIS not only provides statistical and data analysis but also works on the basis on MBO (management by objectives). MIS is successfully used for measuring performance and making necessary change in the organizational plans and procedures. It helps to build relevant and measurable objectives, monitor results, and send alerts.
  8. Coordination: MIS provides integrated information so that all the departments are aware of the problem and requirements of the other departments. This helps in equal interaction of the different centers and connects decision centers of the organization.
  9. Duplication of data is reduced since data is stored in the central part and same data can be used by all the related departments.
  10. MIS eliminates redundant data.
  11. It helps in maintaining consistency of data. It is divided into subsystems. Handlings with small systems are much easier than an entire system. This helps in giving easy access of data, accuracy and better information production.
  12. MIS assembles, process, stores, Retrieves, evaluates and disseminates the information.


Impact of MIS

Electronic communication increases the overall amount of communication within the organization. You can find the following advantages obtained from MIS.

a) Quicker information availability

b) Anytime anywhere access to information

c) Promotes non redundancy

d) Quick decision-making

e) Fast actions undertaken

f) Effective productivity

g) Reduced transaction rate

Information can be stored, retrieved, and communicated far more easily and effectively. There is an enormous role of information technology (IT) on operations. The following can be the examples you can list for the areas in which MIS is used. When you go to any vendor and ask for catalogues of the product then smart catalogues and databases for simpler customer/ vendor will help you and the vendor in coordination. When you are travelling or driving, the transponder-equipped vehicles can re-route you in real time. Voice-recognition systems for greater warehouse inventory accuracy, collaborative editing of graphics documents by geographically-remote individuals, and even electronic storage/retrieval of documents to reduce volume. You will see the texts and images in electronic forms are effective in communicating ideas from source to destination. When you access money through your credit cards, ATM cards, smart cards you can find that it is technology driven which revolves around wireless electronic gadgets, internet and money cards. When you use it for your identity proof it is your identity cards that detect you from the list of users.

A computerized management information system (MIS) in all registered clients, counseling sessions, and all medical visits provided to the clients with respect to hospital management system of any major hospitals. Non-computerized data from previous years only documented the number and location of counseling sessions while the new MIS provides much more specific and detailed data. The impact of computer-based information systems on manager’s work reflects decisions made by managers themselves about how the technology is used. The impact of MIS is not an individually stable and predictable. As a manager at any organization you can use non linear on-going process of change that evolves over time and situations. In an organization you can develop a system, shape it and also react it to any different way.

MIS in the field of education system also playing a very significant role where we come across usage of LCDs, Smart boards, internet etc in class rooms. In the traffic control system, an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) disseminates real-time traffic information to travelers. It helps travelers in making their route choice decisions based on the traffic congestion information and make proper decision making in predicting the traffic congestion and choosing the right choice. In the tourism MIS has led to radical changes in booking system, tourist information system, hotel facilities, accommodation facilities, transportation modes available, images of the facilities that could be provided etc.

We cannot limit the impact of MIS to some specific areas. It has wide range of applications and has a unique impact on each system. Now, MIS has become very important fact of all the information systems that we cannot view any system without MIS.


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