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Posted on: March 1, 2011

Starting with ASP.NET 4, each web control now has a ClientIDMode property that enables you

To determine the way the client ID is made up. You can set the ClientIDMode to any of these four values:

1. AutoID: – Generates the ID as it did in previous versions of ASP.NET.

2. Predictable: – This value is mostly used for data-bound controls and enables you to create predictable client IDs for repeating elements. The client ID of a control is generated by concatenating the client ID of the parent control and the server ID of the control itself. The ID can optionally be extended with a unique value for each element using the ClientIDRowSuffix property.

3. Static: – With this value the client ID will be exactly the same as the server ID that you set. This enables you to explicitly set the client ID, giving you greater control. However, it doesn’t prevent you from assigning the same value twice, which may result in duplicate IDs in the client’s HTML. Use with care!

4. Inherit: – With this setting the control inherits its ClientIDMode value from its parent control.


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