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Web Site Projects and Web Application Projects

Posted on: December 20, 2010

Web Site Projects

You create a new Web Site Project by Choosing File ➪ New Web Site or File ➪ New ➪ Web Site.

A Web Site Project site is simply a Windows folder with a bunch of files and subfolders in it. There is no collective file (known as the project file with a .vbproj or .csproj extension) that keeps track of all the individual files in the web site.

This makes it very easy to create copies of the site, move them, and share them with others, because there are no dependencies with files on your local system.

Besides a lot of positive feedback on this move, Microsoft also received a lot of negative response from developers who complained that Web Site Projects were too limiting for their development environment. Because there is no container file that keeps track of everything in the site, it became much harder to exclude files or folders from the site and work with source control .

Web Application Projects

Web Application Projects make it easier for developers who work in teams or who need more control over the contents of the site and their compilation and deployment processes to build web sites , because the whole web site is managed as a project with a single project file that keeps track of all the content of the web site.


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